About Randall R Bresee Photography

I experimented with photography at a young age and obtained formal photographic training while attending college. My first photography course involved a 4inch x 5inch view camera and black & white film. I was greatly impressed with the control and exceptional image quality that could be achieved with these tools and I have continued to make creative black & white images with a 4x5 camera. I strive to move people emotionally with fine black and white photographs which have extremely high technical quality. 

Technique Summary

Images are captured directly in black & white using film of medium speed while the camera is secured on a tripod for virtually every image. Swing and tilt camera adjustments are used to optimize focus and perspective. Zone system controls are used to optimize film exposure & development to obtain high quality negatives. High quality 1 GB digital files are obtained from each 4x5 film by drum-scanning at high resolution (5,000ppi and 16-bit pixel depth) when wet mounted after scanner aperture and other hardware adjustments are optimized. Image files are edited with a color-managed workflow for consistent and predictable printing at high resolution. A 12-pigment inkjet printer is used to obtain archival prints (estimated life is >100years) using three or four black inks and split toning to create depth in prints. 

Recent Accomplishments

2019 Spider Award, nominee from 6,400 entries and 73 countries. "Trees Near Gingolx" celebrated the brightness of birch tree bark 
Landscape Photography Magazine
, Issue 70, Dec 2016 - "Dalton Highway in the Brooks Range" photo published

The Daily Times
(Maryville, TN), 6-part feature of 2016 photo trip to Alaska: April 19, April 29, May 17, June 6, June 27 and July 18, 2016

2013 Spider Award
, two nominees from 10,000 entries and 75 countries. "Womanly Curves" celebrated women's hour glass shape and 
"Johnson Lake" celebrated symmetry in nature 

Colorado's Highway of Legends,
May 2012, by Vision-Finder Productions. See me at 1:06 and 7:25min in video: 

, No. 97, Dec 2011 - several images published  

The Daily Times
(Maryville, Tenn), "The Great Wide Open" photography feature, page 7A, Dec 2, 2010 

PhotoFidelity - The Art and Science of Photography
, Sept 18, 2010, photos in "The Inspirational B&W Work of Seven Photographers": http://www.photofidelity.com/blog/the-inspirational-bw-work-of-seven- photographers.html

Arts Council of Henderson County,
North Carolina, June 2010, "Waves of New Mexico" won 1st Place Award