Purchase Prints

Prints can be purchased by contacting me through email  (rbresee49@gmail.com)  or  telephone (865/850-8234). Unframed prints will be delivered by the postal service but other delivery arrangements can be made for unframed prints or framed prints, if desired.

I strive to make prints of exceptional quality. Large format sheet film (4 inch x 5 inch) is exposed in a view camera on a sturdy tripod to produce sharp images with precise focus and perspective control. Films are mounted in fluid and drum-scanned (the "gold standard" for scanning) to obtain digital files of nearly 1 GB for each image. Archival prints are made using a wide-format 12-pigment inkjet printer. Most images are printed at high resolution with subtle split tones to optimize depth. 
Sofa or mantle sized prints of exceptional quality can be made for most images, if desired.

Selecting an appropriate print size for any image is an important decision since most images look quite different at different sizes. A simple email or telephone call to me can quickly provide prospective buyers with information about how size affects a specific image.

Print prices are based primarily on size:   
     10 inch x 12 inch print   -   $150
     16 inch x 19 inch print   -   $200
     22 inch x 27 inch print   -   $300
     27 inch x 33 inch print   -   $400